Polytechnic of Bari

Viale Amendola, 126/b, Bari

Polytechnic of Bari is one of the three Italian Technical Universities and the only one situated in the South of Italy. This year it celebrates the 25th anniversary of its foundation. It was founded in 1990  by joining the Faculty of Engineering, started by the University of Bari in 1944, with the newborn Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Engineering in Taranto. Nowadays it’s a young but influential Institution and it succeeds in combining the academic tradition with the needs of innovation. The excellence in the research and a rigorous management allow Politecnico di Bari to achieve excellent results in terms of employment of graduates (90% – Almalaurea data – are employed three years after graduation), and an increasingly strong partnership with the business world. It currently has almost eleven thousand students, including the separate departments in Taranto and Foggia. The quality of scientific research (www.umultirank.org) is among the best in Italy. It reaches excellent results at European and worldwide level and it constantly invests in improving the quality of didactics through innovative approaches to learning experience.

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